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Congrats Barb & Amber

Congratulations to Barb Stewart and Amber Amber and I achieved our CD title today at the Working Dog Club , 3 Firsts in the ring at Berwick and KCC Park am and pm trials today (3rd June 2017) Amber is … Read More

Congrats Rhonda & Ziva

Congratulations to Rhonda Snijders and Ziva who attained her Australian Champion Title today, Sunday 22nd January 2017 Great results from a weekend away in Warrnambool! Bindi came home with 2 Best of Breeds and Ziva a challenge Bitch. So proud … Read More

Schaeferhund Nelke AZ ET RAE RM

Schaeferhund Nelke AZ ET RAE RM Ms Nelke (Schaeferhund Nelke AZ ET RAE) and Helena have now attained their Rally Master title and are working toward their Rally Champion Title.   Congratulations from everyone at Eastern!

Barbara & Amber rally triumph

Congratulations to Barbara Stewart and Amber on your recent successes! They have obtained their Rally Advance A. The results were as follows: 21/6/14 Hastings Dog Club 89 points 29/6/14 Broadmeadows Dog Club 86 points The Title was gained at Broadmeadows.¬†Well … Read More

Jane McGloin & Stobar Kazper

Jane McGloin and Stobar Kazper (Kazper) together with Wendy Kukla obtained their 2nd Tracking Pass at Broadford (Tracking Club of Victoria) on the14th July. Wendy was the track layer and the trail was set over an 800 metre distance. The … Read More