For any information regarding the Malvern Branch, contact:

Branch Secretary

Amanda McAnuff

Branch Manager

John Schulz
phone: 0411 670 932

Chief Instructor

Andrea Cornwall
phone: 5967 4546

Training location

J.W. Manson Reserve at the end of Selkirk Ave,

Wantirna (Melways 63 J3)

Sunday Obedience Training:

Classes commence promptly at 10:00am and run until approximately 11:00am.┬áIt’s always a good idea to arrive a little early to register and settle yourself and your dog down. (Remember dogs love school and can get somewhat excited) Please leave your dog in the car or outside with a helper when you go into the club rooms to register as it can be very distracting for the trainers preparing for class and any new people enrolling their dogs!

We welcome and encourage you to stay behind after class and have a chat with the committee, instructors or other members. We have great facilities, a wonderful canteen and we sometimes run extra activities after class.

Sunday Show Training:

Ask our Show Instructor Barbara Jacobs about showing your dog.

Wednesday Day Light Saving Training:

During Daylight Saving, classes are also held on Wednesdays from 7:00pm – 8:00pm. Less formal than Sundays, Wednesday classes are usually grouped and offer an additional training opportunity. Chekc out our calendar for dates.