Eastern Branch Heat Policy

Make sure the Club has your mobile number so that an SMS can be sent to you should training be cancelled!

Although our breed is supposed to be able to work under all conditions, it would not be fair to expect our pets to work in extreme heat; as with elite athletes it takes a lot of conditioning to handle the really tough weather situations without undue stress to dog (and handler).

The official club Obedience Heat Policy states…
“That where the temperature for the following training day’s forecast is 35 degrees or above, training may be undertaken in the cooler part of the day (normally in the morning). Note: the “Forecasted Temperature” is defined as the temperature forecast on the evening immediately before a training day and a 35 degrees temperature will be a reason to stop all dog obedience activities excluding VCA sanctioned events, when the VCA heat policy will apply”.

What does this mean for Eastern Branch?

Wednesday night Training will be cancelled under the following circumstances:
The forecast top temperature for Wednesday as broadcast on Tuesday evening is 35 degrees or greater.
If in spite of the forecast, the temperature at any time on Wednesday reaches 35 degrees or greater.

Sunday morning training will still be provided if the temperature remains under 35 degrees. Should the outside temperature exceed 35 degrees we are able to do modified training in the clubhouse provided the temperature in the building does not exceed 35 degrees.

Such training could include videos, Q&A sessions and other low intensity activities appropriate to the circumstances.
In all cases training will be modified as the temperature rises. Modification will include such things as the placing of paddle pools out for the dogs, and moving activities into the shade.
These restrictions have been developed in order to protect the health of members and their dogs.