Code of Good Manners

Some people love dogs and others do not. There is no need to try and convert people that dislike dogs. Respect for the views of others is important, remember you have a large dog.

A dog should NEVER be out on the street on his own. The temptation to investigate the outside world and become one of a pack can be very great. A stray dog can be a danger to people and themselves.

Keep your dog on the lead. There is nothing clever about taking a dog for a walk without a lead. A distraction such as; another Dog, a Cat, a Bitch on heat, even a Child with food could cause your Dog to behave in an unexpected manner resulting in fear or injury.

When your dog is free in an off-lead area, keep an eye on them, especially if another dog comes into view. The other dog may be frightened or the aggressor. Experience has taught, as a German Shepherd Dog owner, it’s always easier to blame our breed.

If your dog soils the pavement or in a public place, pick it up and put it in the bin. While we would rather our Dog soil at home, accidents occur. You should always take plastic bags with you on walks. This is also a requirement by most Councils.

A walk on the lead should not be a constant battle between a dog and owner when the dog is constantly trying to pull his master’s arm out of the socket. Although there is no need for constant obedience style heel-work when out for a walk, the dog should be taught to walk on a loose lead. Listen to your instructors on how to walk on loose lead.

A boisterous dog can easily knock the very young or elderly down causing fear or injury. It is wise to train your dog to sit when meeting people rather than allow it to jump up at them.