Held at J.W. Manson Reserve at the end of Selkirk Ave, Wantirna


I wish to advise that following the State Government’s announcement that Melbourne will be moving to Stage 3 restrictions the Eastern Branch has been forced to cease all dog training activities immediately.
So it is with regret that I advise you that training this Sunday is cancelled and probably for at least the next six weeks.
The Branch will keep you informed of any changes via the Eastern Facebook page or by email.
Peter Wallbridge
Branch Manager.

Sunday Obedience Training

Classes commence promptly at 10:00am and run until approximately 11:00am. It’s always a good idea to arrive a little early to register and settle yourself and your dog down. (Remember dogs love school and can get somewhat excited) Please leave your dog in the car or outside with a helper when you go into the club rooms to register as it can be very distracting for the Instructors preparing for class and any new people enrolling their dogs!

We welcome and encourage you to stay behind after class and have a chat with the committee, instructors or other members. We have great facilities, a wonderful canteen and we sometimes run extra activities after class.

The “Dog” Shop

Our Dog Shop sells leads, collars and a miriad other equipment for your dog.  Come in and browse. We are sure you will find something that your dog will love.

Royal Canin dry dog food is available at $85.00 per bag to members.


Sunday Show Training

Ask our Show Instructor Barbara Jacobs about showing your dog.

Wednesday Night Training

As in previous years, Eastern Branch will conduct training on Wednesday nights (in addition to Sunday mornings) during the Summer season.

Wednesday night training commences on October 16 and ceases for the Christmas Break following training on 11 December.

Wednesday night training recommences on January 15 and ceases following training on February 26.

Training commences at 7.00 pm sharp and finishes at 8.00 pm.  The cost, as with Sunday training, is $3.00 per session


**Any Dogs Wearing the Yellow and Black “In Training GIVE ME SPACE!” Saddles or Bandanas- Need a Little Space
These dogs may be shy, pregnant, nervous, not ready to say hello, old & fragile or simply young & easily knocked over. It’s an owners choice to use this sign, so be polite and ask if it’s alright to approach the dog.

If you would like to purchase an ‘In Training GIVE ME SPACE’ saddle or Bandana please see the Chief Instructor or purchase one from the Dog Shop.

Remember polite socialising is done calmly and on a loose lead!

If the temperature predicted by the BOM for the day is 35 degrees or higher there will be no training. This is in line with Dogs Victoria Heat Policy.