Our Facilities

A Club, Not just a Class

GSDCV Membership means Joining a Club. We are one of 11 Branches of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Inc.
As a member of our Club you are free to train at any of our Branches so please enjoy the facilities we provide and make the most of your membership of the GSDCV.

Club House

The Eastern Club house is there for your use. Feel free to come inside, grab a chair, sit down and relax and to help us, please return your chair after use.. We have tables and chairs and a TV . You are most welcome to bring your Dogs inside, just keep an eye on them and be respectful to other people and dogs. Have a look around and check out some of the history over the walls. Out trophy cabinet reflects some of that history new and old. Male and female Toilets are located in the side hallway.

There is an information table with a variety of pamphlets for you to take, together with back copies of the Shepherd News – GSDCV’s Newsletter, National Review and the Dogs Victoria magazine – please feel free to take any that interest you..

Canteen/Kitchen (Alias “The Good Shepherd Cafe”)

Our Canteen is located to the left of the building and is open on Sundays during training The Canteen manager and volunteers do a great Job with hot and cold food on offer and Oh’ the variety. Drinks are also available and all prices are very reasonable. Come a little early before class and have a bacon and egg sandwich or stay after class and have a coffee and a chat with Committee, Instructors and Friends. It’s also terrific socializing for the dogs to sit or drop calmly beside you with other people and dogs around.

Equipment Stall (Alias “Eastern Dog Shop”)

We have a well-stocked equipment stall located just outside the storeroom and you come up to the front doors.
• Leads/Collars (ask one of our instructors to help you choose and fit)

• Toys
• Treats – Yum Yum!
• Food – Royal Canin is our sponsor so we are able to sell their product at much reduced prices
• Training Equipment
• and other Goodies!

All equipment is at very competitive prices and your Puppy or Doggy can help you choose. Pigs ears did I hear them say!


Eastern has an number of Books, DVD’s and video’s covering a wide range of topics. If you see anything you like, or which has been recommended by the instructor, just speak to the Membership Officer who also manages the library. The Chief Instructors are in charge of the content of the library. If you have any recommendations or suggestions please speak to one of them.

Dog/Puppy Crates

If you need to crate your dog while at the ground, we have some crates available in the Clubhouse. Please ask.


Water Bowls are located out the front of the building. We do have individual bowls if you wish. Be conscience of young puppies and other dogs around the water bowls.
Paddle Pools are available outside when the weather gets a little hotter. Puppies and Dogs are allowed to play in them however, again please be mindful about others and their dogs.

Please pick up after your dog at all times.  If you forget your poo bag we will provide you with one. Bins are located out on the ground.

Puppy/Adult Agility Equipment is usually set up on the ground on Sundays. Please do not use this unless under the supervision of an Instructor

Please ask your Committee or Instructors for advice or if there is anything you need. Please remember -there is no silly question.

Enjoy your Eastern Facilities.