The Eastern Branch is one of eleven German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Inc (GSDCV) Branches throughout Victoria.

‘Training People to Train their Dogs’
Our club is dedicated to the improvement, promotion and protection of the German Shepherd Dog.Our aim is to educate members to be responsible owners and have a well behaved and socially acceptable Pet. At Eastern we participate in a wide variety of training activities in a supportive, encouraging atmosphere. Whether your interest is in competition obedience or just gaining better control and having fun with your dog, our experienced, knowledgable instructors can help.
Above all, we believe training should be fun for you and your Pet!

Eastern training is held at J.W. Manson Reserve at the end of Selkirk Ave, Wantirna (Melways 63 J3) on Sunday mornings.
ALL training classes begin at 10.00am. Please arrive early, by 9.30am, thanks.

What Can You Do and Learn?

Training is fun, and your dog is rewarded throughout the training session.
Rewards can be food, a favourite toy or object or verbal praise. Make sure you bring any or all of them each week.
Training your dog involves learning all of the following then you will have a well behaved dog.
• Socialising with other dogs
• Focus and Watch Me
• Sit, Drop and Stand
• Recall (come back when called!)
• Walking calmly and Heeling
• Praise and Play
• Leave
• Problem Solving
• Meet other like minded GSD owners and their dogs and puppies


Our classes commence at 10.00 AM SHARP at Manson Reserve, Selkirk Ave Wantirna. Please arrive by 9.30 am to allow time to sign in and time for you and your dog to relax before classes commence.

**Any Dogs Wearing the Yellow and Black “In Training GIVE ME SPACE!” Saddles or Bandanas – Need a Little Space

These dogs may be shy, pregnant, nervous, not ready to say hello, old & fragile or simply young & easily knocked over. 

So, please be polite and ask if it’s alright to approach the dog.

If you would like a ‘In Training GIVE ME SPACE’ saddle or Bandana please see the Chief Instructor.

Remember polite socialising is done calmly and on a loose lead!


We are required to have updated vaccination details for all dogs in the registration system.
Please provide a PHOTOCOPY of the certificate showing proof of current C3 (annual or triennial) plus annual Canine Cough KC and the due date of the next vaccination as soon as your dog is vaccinated