Good Tips & Tricks

Interest in competition obedience or just gaining better control and having fun with your dog? At Eastern our experienced, knowledgeable instructors work with you to be a responsible owner and have a well behaved and socially acceptable Pet.
While at the Branch, listen to what the Instructor is saying. Your Instructor will practice training methods in class with you. Pick up on what the Instructor is teaching and ask questions if you are unsure about anything, they are there to help. At the end of Class, your Instructor will most likely tell you to practice at home.
We know Training at Eastern can be a rewarding voyage for both you and your Dog, but training is also about consistency. Here are some valuable Tips to assist you and you dog on that journey.

Ten Training Tips To Help

► Plan the training session so you know what you are doing.
► Set your dog up to succeed.
► Use clear and consistent voice and hand signals.
► Reward improving attempts by the dog to shape behaviour to perfection.
► Keep training sessions short and fun, ending on a positive note. 5-10 minutes is plenty.
► The best food rewards are small soft pieces with an attractive (to the dog) smell.
► End your training session with a game that the dog loves.
► Mix up the training exercises to keep your dog fresh.
► Practice often, rather than once a week.
► Some exercises will be more difficult for your dog to master. Break the exercises into easy to achieve steps.

Talk to your Instructor on what to do, they will show you.
If you are having difficulties with an exercise, talk to your instructor, they will have some ideas to help you.