Branch Rules and Guidelines

A Responsible Branch is one of Cooperation

Eastern Lease our grounds from the Greater City of Maroondah and share the border with the Greater City of Knox. For information about their Domestic Animal Policies and Bylaws please go to Council Websites.
Maroondah City Council
Knox City Council

Bordering Councils
►Yarra Ranges Shire Council
►Cardinia Shire Council
►City of Casey
►Greater Dandenong City Council
►Monash City Council
►Whitehorse City Council
►Manningham City Council

For your safety and in respect to others, the Branch has a number of rules and guidelines.

On Arrival

On Sundays, please note that we ask that your dogs should be kept off the Veranda. It can get quite congested in the mornings while people are registering. Weather permitting, you should leave your dog in the car (well ventilated of course), while you check in at the front desk. Once you have registered you can collect your dog and take them down onto the ground. If the weather is too hot we relax this rule however, if someone can hold your dog while you register please do so. “NEVER” leave a dog in a hot Car.

We ask you to keep an eye on your dog. Always ask if it is ok to walk up to another dog, don’t assume just because your dog is fine everything will be ok. It’s about being responsible.


Members training their dogs must register at the desk where you will be given a coloured wrist band for that day.

Membership badges must be worn and visible at all times. A nominal training fee of $3.00 is charged by each GSDCV branch.

You must wear proper shoes as no open toed footwear is permitted on the ground.
We also have a raffle most weeks. Tickets are $1.00 each and the money raised supports the running of our club.

Appropriate Clothing

Be aware of the clothing you wear for training – it is not a good idea to have very baggy trousers or jackets flapping in your dog’s face as you train. If it is raining please dress appropriately so that you can get the best from your training.


You should wear comfortable, sturdy footwear, even in summer. Thongs and light sandals are not acceptable.

Members Badges

All members are required to wear their name tags whilst on the ground, apart from the obligation for insurance purpose, it also allows other members the opportunity to introduce themselves and be on first name terms and great if you forget someone’s name.

Agility Equipment

Puppies up to 9 months are limited to the puppy equipment and only dogs aged 18 months and over can perform the jumping exercises. All training on equipment must be carried out with an instructor present. Please help with the “setting up and putting away” of the equipment by all those who use it, it will be appreciated.

First Aid

We have members designated as First Aid Officers. Should you require any medical assistance, please make yourself known.

Aggression Policy

The branch reserves the right to refuse admittance to a dog of a vicious temperament or to dismiss any aggressive dog from class. Aggressive dogs may be asked to be muzzled. If you are having issues with your dog please ask one of our Instructors or the Chief Instructors for advice.

Dog’s Off-Lead

All our Branches comply with the policy set down by the Obedience Training Committee (OTC) of the GSDCV which states that during Branch training times, no dogs are permitted to be off lead on the designated areas unless training under the direct supervision of an instructor.
Also please remember that other areas of the grounds are shared and used by other sporting clubs. We ask that you take into consideration other users of the grounds at all times.

Doggy Doo

Plastic Bags and buckets are provided at various locations around the grounds, please use them. If you come across any doggy doo of unknown origin, please put in the effort to remove it from the grounds. This helps to make life more pleasant, hygienic and healthier for all. It also minimizes the chance of spreading unknown diseases amongst our dogs and reduces unwarranted complaints against our Branch and its members by other users of the reserve.

Children on the Grounds

We welcome families and children to come to training; common sense should be used whenever children and dogs are in close proximity. Safety is always a matter for consideration in this area. If you are training your own dog, children should be supervised at all times.
No child under 12 is to be left in control of a dog at ANY time; children of this age simply do not have enough experience or strength to act if something occurs. As per Club rules, a child aged under 12 may not handle dogs in normal classes, nor be on the training ground without supervision of an adult whilst training is occurring. These rules are safety requirements and apply at all Branches of the Club whilst grounds are officially in use.

Bitches in Season

The scent of a bitch in season (oestrus) is highly distracting for male dogs and they are NOT allowed on the ground during obedience training. While bitches in season are allowed to train for show, they are trained after the males because of this reason. If you want to know more about when a Bitch might be in Season, ask one of our Show Instructors.

Dogs in Club Rooms

Dogs are most welcome in the Clubrooms once Classes have commenced or after class. If you are a new member with a Puppy, it is fine to bring them into the Clubrooms at the start of the day.
At no times are Dogs allowed into the Kitchen while food is being served. This is for food safety Regulations and good hygiene.

Tethering Of Dogs

Dogs are not to be left tethered and unattended on the grounds at any time. Sometimes volunteers may tie their dogs to a stake while they are deploying equipment but they remain in proximity to their dogs at all times. Other members are asked to be considerate and give such dogs a wide berth. The Branch has a number of dog bays available near the equipment stall that you may place your dog in whilst performing other duties if needed. Please remember to look in on your dog, especially during hot weather, to ensure it is OK during their stay.


All vaccination certificates must be sighted at the registration desk, they will record the date on the vet immunisation certificate for our reference and the required booster date as recommended by your qualified veterinary surgeon. Whenever you re-vaccinate your dog please remember to bring the updated certificate to the Branch so we can again site the document and update our records.

If you have any issues with the above Rules and Guidelines, or are unsure what to do, please contact us.