What To Bring to Training?

What do you need to do to have an enjoyable training experience with your dog at our branch?

  • All dogs that attend GSDCV training grounds are required to be vaccinated and you should bring proof of your puppy or dog’s current vaccination record.
  • Soft Collar and lead. Make sure the lead is not too long – a meter or meter and a half is fine.
  • Treats, make sure they are soft treats that smell good to your puppy e.g. small pieces of cooked sausage, cheese, chicken etc. Avoid dry hard biscuits as they are not so appealing or easy to nibble quickly.
  • A favourite toy for your puppy to play with, that you can hold or tuck into your pocket.
  • We recommend you invest in a “Bum-Bag” to make it easier to carry your reward treats, toy, Poo-bags, car keys, etc.
  • If you have bought your Puppy through a GSDCV Breeder, Bring your free class coupons.
  • Wear sensible shoes, i.e. runners, not loose sandals or thongs.

We have the capability to send out SMS alerts to remind about upcoming events. Make sure you register your mobile phone number with the branch so we can contact you !