Respectful Dog Behaviour at Eastern Branch

German Shepherd Club of Victoria – Eastern Branch

Respectful Dog Behaviour Reminders

*Dogs in the Car: All members are required to leave their dog in the car while signing in on Sunday morning. Dogs need to be safe with adequate ventilation. Note that temperatures rise dramatically in the car during Summer.

*Unattended Dogs: Dogs must never be left unattended once out of the car.  Please note, dogs are not to be tied up unattended for any reason.

*Approaching another Dog: All members are reminded that you must seek permission from the handler before approaching another dog. If you are permitted to approach, there is to be no jumping or play fighting and it is only a quick hello, walk away and praise. Dogs are required to sit next to their handler in a calm manner.

*Older Dogs and Puppies: We would prefer that older dogs do not approach puppies. Puppies may be overwhelmed by an older and larger dog and permanent damage can occur especially if pups are going through a fear period. Puppies also need to respect older dogs.

*Give Me Space Bandana: There are some dogs that wear a yellow or green “Give Me Space” bandana. Everyone needs to give these dogs respect by giving them space.  These dogs could be in whelp, reactive, had an operation or had a bad fright recently.

*Dogs on Lead: Before and after training dogs must be on lead at all times while on the training ground.

*If you feel uncomfortable: If a member and their dog approaches you please move away if you or your dog feel stress, anxiety or fear. Please request that a safe distance is maintained.


We welcome any feedback from any members who have any concerns or would like to make any suggestions or comments for the benefits of the Branch.