Register below for attendance at Eastern Branch Obedience Training classes on Sunday December 13, 2020.

This is our last Sunday training day for 2020.



Please read the following carefully and please remember that our instructors and committee are all volunteers. 



10.00am – 10.45 am
Baby Puppy (8 weeks – 4 months). .Maximum of 10 puppies No 11.00 am classes will be held this week.
Big Puppy    (4 months – 8 months) .  Maximum of 10 puppies
Class 1         Maximum of 10 dogs
Class 2         Maximum of 10 dogs
Class 3         Maximum of 10 dogs
Class 4         Maximum of 10 dogs
Please arrive30 minutes before your class time as you are required to register your attendance using our QR code.  This will also allow time for you and your dog to relax so that you can both get the maximum benefit from your class.


This is the last week that you will be required to register prior to training








  • Bring your mobile phone for QR registration upon arrival
  • Bring $3.00 correct change for training
  • EFT only for dog stall purchases
  • Canteen is closed until further notice. Please bring your own water for you.  We will supply water for dogs
  • Cough and sneeze into a tissue or elbow
  • Keep 1.5 distance at all times
  • Sanitise hands upon arrival and perform good hand hygiene during training. suggest you carry a small tube of hand sanitiser in training pouch.
  • To stay at home if feeling unwell.
  • Stay up to date with COVID-19 updates



Please complete the form below if you wish to attend classes on Sunday 13 December 2020.

This is the last time we will ask you to do this