Lynda & Jessie – Story Dogs

This German Shepherd is pawing over pages of cats, proving that you can teach an old dog new tricks! Across Australia every week more than 100 trained dogs are helping around 865 children at 118 schools to develop their reading skills. Lynda and Jessie, (Members of Eastern Branch) attend Rangeview Primary School on a regular basis where the students are very excited to welcome them and participate in the reading program. Read more about this program on
Lynda and ‘Jessie’ help children at Rangeview Primary School.

About: Lynda teaches water aerobics and she is a hard working member of the Eastern Branch of the German Shepherd Club.
Dog breed: Long-haired German Shepherd
How we met: I already had a rescue German Shepherd and thought he’d like a friend so rescued Jessie in April 2014.
Great loves: Swimming, balls and sneaking food off the bench if anything is left out!
Not like: Does not like being sprayed by the hose.
Quirks: She always brings a toy to us when we get home from work.