Annual State Breed Exhibition and Restricted Obedience Trial




The State Breed Exhibition and Restricted Obedience Trial is held each year.
Congratulations to all those who have taken part in this event in the past and we encourage our members to participate or come and see what it’s all about in the future.

Special congratulations to Amanda and Andrew for the hard work they put into supporting Bennie , who came 2nd and Izzie who came 4th in their respective classes.

Junior Bitch Stock Coat
Congratulations to Mel, and Vanessa for handling Miss Ella (Stobar Yanke).


Ms Nelke and Helena achieved first place and first pass in Rally Excellent at the GSDCV State Breed Exhibition and Trial on Saturday and she was placed second with a grading of Excellent Merit on Sunday under Judge Fran Farley. A big thank you to Wendy Blunt from the Schulz family, who once again handled her so well!