Carl & Cailin

Our Members and their dogs participate in a variety of activities. Some are directly linked to the club and others are of a more personal nature, all of which help to promote the breed and display their intelligence, good behaviour and loyalty. An example of this was sent to me by one of our members today, so I thought that I would share it with you.

“Carl here, Cailin’s owner. I am sending some photos from the No Stomach for Cancer Walk, held yesterday Saturday 2nd November, at the Tan. I had my Stomach Spleen and part of Pancreas removed 20 years ago, as I had stomach cancer. So there is now a worldwide walk held on the 2nd November each year to raise awareness, as Stomach Cancer is the second biggest cause of death in the world from cancer, but little is spoken or written about it. So the walk is part of the awareness to raise the profile of it.
Cailin came on the walk, as did other dogs, but she was the only German Shepherd, and my wife Deb had made saddle cloth with the words, I AM WALKING WITH MY BEST FRIEND on it. My family also came, my daughter Laura and her husband and 3 boys, my son Kris, his wife and their one boy.”

Thank you Carl for sharing your story with us and your contribution to our web page.