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Featured Members and Dogs

At Eastern, we recognise our members in a number of ways. Throughout the year members are awarded through effort either by announcements, in the GSDCV monthly magazine, by highlighting their efforts down the ground or through Certificates and trophies.  It's true that many members do things that go unnoticed. We accept this as with everything else, we do it because we love the breed and our club. It is however, nice to occasionally be recognised. For those that we missed, you have our deepest thanks.

Please note that we have a "Red Book" down the Branch for people to note down stories and or their own achievements. Please use it.

The following recipients note our special thanks.

Barbara Stewart and Amber

Barbara Stewart (an Instructor at Eastern) has successfully attained with her bitch, “Verhexen Aladdins Almondine”  RA,(Amber)  their Canine Community Dog Title (CCD).

They achieved this Title by obtaining their 1st pass at Hastings and District ODC on the 18th June, 2016 with a score of 90 points – 3rd Place.

Their 2nd Pass was also at Hastings and District ODC with a score of 87 points – 2nd Place.

3rd pass at Northern ODC on the 11th September scoring 92 points – 3rd Place and CCD Title.

This team are currently training for the next level of obedience, CD (Canine Dog) title.


Mary and Norm Hawthorne


Mary Hawthorne, one of our Eastern instructors has attained her Tracking Dog Title (TD).

This was achieved by Mary and her dog, “Gipfel Shadowland” (Mister) over three tracking tests.

1st Tracking Test Pass at Dromana on the 14th May, 2016 rated Very Good.

Their 2nd Tracking Test Pass was achieved at Inverleigh on the 13th August, 2016.

Their final 3rd Tracking Test Pass and Title was achieved at Inverleigh on the 20th August, 2016.  

Her Title with Mister was due to her constant training and efforts on early Sunday mornings at our Club and other venues. It really does take dedication on a handler’s behalf to succeed at tracking.

Congratulations Mary and Mister. 

Following on with her success, another member of the family,  Norman Hawthorne (also an instructor at Eastern) has achieved two Tracking Test passes with his dog, “Bodecka Carbon Copy” (Thaes).

Their 1st Pass was at Dromana on the 14th May, 2016 rated Excellent.

Their 2nd Pass was at Inverleigh on the 13th August, 2016.

Norm and Tay will no doubt achieve in 2017 their Tracking Dog Title.  Roll on 2017.


One of our members, Bharat Vyas achieved their 1st Tracking Test Pass at Ballarat on the 10th September, 2016. Another team which will undoubtedly achieve their goal a TD Title in 2017.

Cathy Workman and 'Jayshell Ghan' (Ricky)

Obedience Results:

Congratulations and well done Cathy and Ricky for obtaining your CCD Title. 

Border Collie Club of Victoria on 2.4.16 - Score 86 - Placed 2nd

GSDCV Victoria Restricted Group 5 on 30.4.16 - Scored 89 - Placed 2nd.

Working Dog Club of Victoria on 29.5.16 AM - Score 86 - Placed 3rd.

Working Dog Club of Victoria on 29.5.16 - Scored 92 Placed 1st and Title.

Now on to CD Novice!

Endurance Title:

Cathy Workman and Jayshell Ghan (Ricky) achieved their Endurance Title at Cherry Lake in Altona on the 18th June 2016.

Ricky can now be known as Jayshell Ghan CCD ET.

Congratulations also to Richard Oldfield and Teufelberg Hatts Off To Gus (Gus) who also achieved this Title. Cathy did it the hard way running whilst Richard was cycling. Whichever way you look at it a job well done to these two teams.

Gus is owned by Richard Oldfield

Gus attained his Endurance Title at the German Shepherd Dog Club

of Victoria Endurance Test at Cherry Lake in Altona on the

18th June 2016


Schaeferhund Nelke “A” “Z” ET RA

Owned by Helena Walter and John Schulz

Nelke attained her Rally-Obedience Novice Title on 9 August 2015 and her Rally- Obedience Advanced Title on 6 December 2015


Schaeferhund Nelke (Nelke) owned by John Schulz and Helena Walter was placed 4th Open Bitch under Louis Donald (SV) at the ACTGSD Championship Show on Sunday October 2nd, 2016.
Congratulations to all on a great show and to Wendy Blunt for yet another excellent job handling Ms Nelke.



O.C. Shaleedy Kwik'n'Strong U.D.X


10/8/2000 - 19/12/2013


Schaefer was a very special kind of dog that comes along once in a life-time - if you're lucky.

He was a friend to all dogs, and people, of all shapes, sizes and breeds.

The only problem we ever had with him was when he was a puppy and he didn't want to eat, food didn't matter to him! But, he would do anything for praise, he loved to be a 'good boy'.

This came in really handy in his trial career, in fact, in his first ever trial he received a round of applause from the other competitors because when they left their dogs for the 'sit and down stays' their dogs all followed them leaving Schaefer in splendid isolation, being a good boy.

He worked his way through the obedience levels and, when he gained his Obedience Champion title found that they had invented another one - U.D.X

Who says that you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

He went on to be one of a small group of die-hard 'old timers' who took on the challenge of the new level and gained their titles.

He was one of the first dogs in Australia to gain a 'Grand Champion' pass but he was eleven and a half by then and retired gracefully.

He kept his spot in the Demo Team and even made guest appearances with the team at the Royal Melbourne Show last October aged thirteen, and again at Kew Primary School fete in November.

Sadly in December he left us!

The Schaefer Medal is a lovely way to remember him and to remind us all that a dog can be a great friend, a good worker and a perfect gentleman.





Thank you Mary and Norm for sharing these great insights into your wonderful friend and companion and for keeping his memory alive through the annual Schaefer Medal.


2009 National Winner Open Dog and Gold Medal Winner Iturna Noble Knight (Chopper)



The “National”

The German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia in conjunction with member clubs in each State, stage this prestigious event on an annual basis.

It is judged by overseas SV conformation judges each year. 

All competitors in the show ring dream/wish they had a National winner (in any class) as it is the pinnacle of the German Shepherd show calendar for the year with competitors from all over Australia.

To compete in this event sometimes is the culmination of many years of maintaining a fit and healthy dog, training and competing.

The winner of the Open Dog and Gold Medal winner at the 2009 National held in Queensland was Iturna Noble Knight (Chopper) and congratulations go to the Duke family for breeding and exhibiting this beautiful dog. Also, congratulations to the handler Melanie Groth.

Iturna Noble Knight is shown in the specialist German Shepherd ring and has a great string of successes. Some of them being:

2006    Vic SBE R. Wenham 1st

2006    Sth Aust Champ Show VC L. Schweikert (SV)

2006    NSW MBE 1st Minor Puppy – M. Groth

2006    Vic Champ Show – 2nd

2006    Vic Working Dog – VP G. Muller (SV) 1st

2007    Vic SBE – VG – 1st Fay Stokes

2007    NSW 35th National VG – R. Braunch (SV) 1st

2007    Sth Aust. MBE VG – Select 1st Fran Farley

2008    Sth Aust. National – Excellent 12th – Herr Leonhard Schweikert (SV)

2008    ACT ChampShow 2nd Steve Collins

2008    ACT Champ Show – Excellent – 2nd – F. Van Kraayenburg (S.A)

2008    Lancefield Champ Show – Excellent – 1st Fran Farley

2008    Lancefield Champ Show – Excellent 2nd Herr Ernst Seifert (SV)

2008    KCC Park Champ Show – Excellent 3rd L. Donald

2009    Qld. National - Excellent - 1st Open Dog Herr Heinz Scheereer 



Life Member - Graeme Jacobs


Graeme Jacobs has been involved with the breed since he was a young boy. In the 60’s, he was showing dogs, before joining the German Shepherd Dog Club in 1986. Since then he has been involved in many areas both within the Eastern Branch and at Club level.

It’s rare not to see Graeme down the club on a Saturday or Sunday fixing something, or managing Club Business. Instrumental in building and fitting out of the Eastern Branch Club House, serving on the committee for over 15 years in a number of roles including Assistant Branch Manager, Branch Manager and Breed Liaison Officer.    

Over the years Graeme has helped not only his own Branch, but many of our other Branches throughout the State, with repairs, maintenance, advice, and the like.

Graeme’s assistance throughout the club has been incalculable, examples of this include the Clubs’ fundraising efforts for the Bluey Day in conjunction with the Victorian Police Dog Squad, and of course was one of the notorious 7 to have their head shaved at the time; His efforts to support the Good Friday Appeal even dressing up as a Rabbit to raise money; The running of the Eagle and Royal Cannin major sponsorship deals; Whenever something has had to be done Graeme has been there.

Currently Graeme is serving on the Main Committee as treasurer and has done for a number of years. Graeme brought the club into line with GST Compliance to our Accounts, Centralised our Banking with NAB, A Complete Insurance Review, An Update of our Accounting System to MYOB, Review of the Branches Treasury processing, Taken the initiative to invest Club funds with high returns, etc. Most of this without fuss or assistance. The Role of Treasurer has brought Graeme fame for the phrase “NO, YOU CAN’T HAVE IT”.

Graeme has made himself available for all areas of the Club over many years. If at any time the Club requires help, it is only a matter of a phone call. He would help with the request without any fanfare.    He has the best interests of the Club at heart, and always has the reputation of the GSDCV in mind, whether being out with his own dogs, or being involved in Club activities. His concern for the future of the breed is foremost in his actions. He is keen to develop broad support for the German Shepherd Dog.

Graeme Jacobs has been recognized by the Club with an Outstanding Service award and in 2009 Life Membership.


Congratulations Graeme!




 Life Member - Benjamin (Ben) Glasheen


Ben is one of those Characters around the Club who has become an institution not just a valued member.  His commitment to the Club actually pre dates his membership having initially been accepted as a member of the Karman Breeding Foundation. In later years he and his family became successful breeders competing actively both in Conformation and Obedience.

Ben joined the Club in 1984 where almost straight away initiated weekly raffles and fund-raising which is now practiced throughout the Club. Ben was a major force in raising funds to build our magnificent Clubrooms as well as sourcing much of its furniture.

Branch Manager 1995-1997, Assistant Branch Manager for four years, a Committee member since commencing with the Club and still manages Fundraising for the Branch. Ben was also an Instructor for over 20 years and has only recently stopped due to ill health.

Today Ben works with the Branch in managing Sausage Sizzles at Bunnings where his is well known and conducting the weekly Raffles. He is a face around the Branch every Sunday morning that welcomes our members to the Branch.

Apart from his work with the Eastern Branch, Ben has also helped numerous other Branch's and the Club as a whole. For his work with the Club, Ben was recognised with an Outstanding Service Award and last year was awarded Life membership.



Life Member - Bernice Scully (Ryan)


Burnice joined the Club in 1972 when it was a one branch entity located at Kooyong (the Blind Institute).  At that time she was involved in showing, getting the Club off the ground and promoting the breed.

During her time as a member of the Club she showed many dogs and they attained many Excellent awards.  Burnice has been actively involved in all Club schemes and activities, helping new members with her extensive knowledge of blood lines and freely giving advice regarding blood lines and breeding.

As you can see from this short resume Burnice was actively involved in the conformation ring, but her main aim was to encourage new members to actively promote their dogs either in obedience, conformation or just as a family pet as all these aspects of the GSD are very important in society today.

Burnice was awarded Life Membership of the Club for her assistance to members, ongoing support of all aspects of the GSD and her input to Club activities.



Sarge & Thor 


It's not often your graced with world beating champions at your Club but here are two very special Dogs (and ok handlers). Sarge on the left and Thor on the right,  in 2006 they competed in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest human Dog Tunnel hosted by the Bendigo Branch. With a record needing to be beaten from the US of 382 people, the German Shepherd Club over came the odds and with a number of competing dogs broke the record by five and set a new world and Australian record of 387 pairs of legs. Sarge and Thor are True Champions. If you ask them nicely, they will sign Autographs. Find out more by clicking "HERE".




Hero Dogs Kaiser & Morgan


Denise and Reuben Nicholson live on a lovely 10 Acre property in Clematis. A long winding driveway through the property meets up with the Home overlooking the valley below. 

While away on an overseas holiday in 2008, Denise’s brother, Tony, came and lived in their house to look after the property and animals.

When they left early Saturday, Tony seemed perfectly happy and in good spirits. All was going well and the following morning, after feeding the dogs and the horse, he went up the long driveway to collect the paper at the front gates. Exactly what happened next is a bit unclear but Tony found himself on the ground with both Kaiser and Morgan licking his face profusely, he had had a massive heart attack and the dogs were responsible for bringing him round!

He managed to get to his feet and the dogs walked, one each side of him, to steady him as he made his way back to the house where he was able to call an ambulance. He was rushed to hospital and underwent a triple by-pass operation. Extremely lucky to be alive!

The family believes that the two German Shepherds saved his life. Everyone was amazed and the whole family will be forever grateful to Kaiser and Morgan.

In 2008 Eastern Branch awarded Kaiser and Morgan “Hero Awards” in recognition of their wonderful deed. It proves just what fantastic dogs German Shepherds are, indeed how very in tune and sensitive they are to the needs of man – they are certainly our best friends.




Movie Stars Nyssa, Rex & Thor


In 2008 Eastern appeared at the Eastern Regional Pet Expo held in Ferntree Gully early April. Here we ran a couple of demo exhibitions with our dogs to entertain the crowd and promote ourselves in our community. We were a great success and well liked by the organisers. Unknown to us at that time, a television and movie scout noticed our great dogs. Having been contacted by the scout and asked for "Movie Stars" in the form of German Shepherds, some of our members went on to bigger and woofier things. "Paid jobs I should add". If this keeps up we may end up needing to hold the Doggy Oscars! No Paparazzi, please!

Our wonderful Movie Star Dogs are Nyssa, Thor and Rex. Well done guys, I remember when you were only a Pup!!!



Life Member - Margaret Valastro


Margaret was one of those most dedicated members both to the Branch and the Club as a whole. Margaret's passion was her beloved German Shepherds and the Club having joined Eastern in 1977.

Margaret was elected Branch Manager at Eastern in 1984 becoming the Clubs first female Branch Manager. Margaret continued in that role for ten years and became instrumental in the building of the Eastern Club House.

Apart from her role and activities at Eastern, Margaret sat on a number of Trail and Show Committees, was a long serving Obedience Instructor, sat as Club membership Officer, managed many catering events at official National Trials and events and fully committed herself to the Club.

In 1989 Margaret was awarded the Clubs "Outstanding Service Award".

In 2000 Margaret was again recognised by the Club with "Life Membership"

Due to Margaret's outstanding efforts for the Branch, the Club and the Breed, Eastern Dedicated the Club House the "Margaret Valastro Pavilion". 




Branch Manager - John Schulz - 0411 670 932
Chief Instructor -
Peter Wallbridge - 0417 941 266

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting the Eastern Branch