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Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.
- Henry Ford -



Eastern Branch Organisation

As with any club a great deal of effort goes on behind the scene and Eastern is no exception. The saying goes "many hands make light work" and Eastern is fortunate to have many good people. Neither Committee or Instructors are paid, they are all volunteers of the Club.

I encourage you all to help where you can. If you see people bringing in equipment or loading the trailer, please lend a hand. If you see rubbish on the ground or see a water bowl needing filling, just jump in, it's appreciated by all.

If you would like to join the Committee or have skills you think the Branch could benefit from, don't hesitate in coming forward. It also can be a lot of fun.

Our Committee -

Eastern Committee meets once a month, generally on Wednesday nights. Members are always welcome as visitors and see the brain trust at work. Meeting times are posted each month and if not please ask.

Branch General Meetings -

General Meetings are held on Sundays after training three or four times a year where members of the Branch are updated on the Branch and Club as a whole. This is also an opportunity to ask questions and put forward suggestions. Keep an ear open for announcements when these meetings are planned.

Branch Annual General Meeting (AGM) -

The Branch AGM is held on a Sunday after training early in the New Year. This is where your new Committee is elected. To vote you need to be a fully paid member of the Club as of the 31st of the previous year. Reports are presented for the past year followed by an open forum in respect to the coming year.

Next AGM 2018, nominations required by 31 December 2017

Your Current Sitting Committee for 2017:

 John Schulz - Branch Manager

Andrew McAnuff - Assistant Branch Manager

Mel Siktars - Breed Affairs Officer / Facebook Officer

Amanda McAnuff - Branch Secretary

Peter Wallbridge - Chief Instructor

Michael Simons - Demo Team Manager

Jenny Burley - Treasurer / Canteen Officer

Trish Gough - Membership Officer

Ethel Thompson - Grounds Manager/Social Secretary

Barbara Stewart - Shepherd News / Merchandise

Kath McAnuff - Equipment Officer / Web Manager

Rhonda Snijders - Education Officer

Rosie Garbett

Karen D'Amico

Cathy Workman

Nick Economou


Presentation Night 2016



Committee at work & Play  


Instructors -

Our instructors are members who have extensive experience and can help you with grooming, general care and wellbeing of your dog, socialisation and obedience. Most of our Instructors have earned obedience titles both within the Club and externally with their own dogs. The Obedience Training Committee of the GSDCV run extensive training of our aspiring Instructors which includes; assisting running training classes at Branches. Stewarding at Fun-days, Attending talks and lectures, undertaking written and practical exams, and finally gaining the experience on the ground.  

Instructors for 2017:
 Peter Wallbridge - Chief Instructor

Andrea Cornwall - Assistant Chief Instructor

Rosie Garbett

Lois Goodes

Mary Hawthorne

Norm Hawthorne

Brian Padgham

Michael Simmons

Barbara Stewart

Ethel Thompson

Ian Woodhill


Aspirers -

Michael Romanov

Stephen Triggs

Show  Instructors-
 Barbara Jacobs 

Mel Siktars



Instructors at work & Play  


It is amazing how much you can accomplish
when it doesn't matter who gets the credit.
- Unknown-


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Branch Manager - John Schulz - 0411 670 932
Chief Instructor - Peter Wallbridge - 0417 941 266


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting the Eastern Branch