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 The Committee and Members of the Branch

 welcome you to the Eastern Branch of the German Shepherd Dog Club

The Eastern Branch is one of eleven German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Inc (GSDCV) Branches throughout Victoria. All GSDCV Clubs are Not for Profit organisations and rely on volunteers to keep the club functioning! For this reason we need all members to think about volunteering from time to time as this will give all our members a chance to meet each other and their furry friends!

Training People to Train their Dogs 

 Our club is dedicated to the improvement, promotion and protection of the German Shepherd Dog. Our aim is to educate members to be responsible owners and have a well behaved and socially acceptable Pet. At Eastern we participate in a wide variety of training activities in a supportive, encouraging atmosphere. Whether your interest is in competition obedience or just gaining better control and having fun with your dog, our experienced, knowledgable instructors can help.

Above all we believe training should be fun for you and your Pet!

Where are we?

J.W. Manson Reserve at the end of Selkirk Ave, Wantirna (Melways 63 J3)

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Training Timetable:

Sunday Obedience Training:

Classes commence promptly at 10:00am and run untill approxiately 11:00am. It's always a good idea to arrive a little early to register and settle yourself and your dog down. (Remember dogs love school and can get somewhat excited) Please leave your dog in the car or outside with a helper when you go into the club rooms to register as it can be very distracting for the trainers preparing for class and any new people enrolling their dogs!

We welcome and encourage you to stay behind after class and have a chat with the committee, instructors or other members. We have great facilities, a wonderful canteen and we sometimes run extra activities after class.

Sunday Show Training:

Ask our Show Instructor Barbara Jacobs about showing your dog.

Wednesday Day Light Saving Training:

During Daylight Saving, classes are also held on Wednesdays from 7:00pm - 8:00pm. Less formal than Sundays, Wednesday classes are usually grouped and offer an additional training opportunity.

Check our Notices and News page for the dates of our Christmas / New Year Break.

**** Dogs Wearing the Yellow and Black  "In Training GIVE ME SPACE!" Saddles - Need a Little Space

These dogs may be shy, pregnant, nervous, not ready to say hello, old & fragile or simply
 young & easily knocked over.

It's an owners choice to use this sign, so be polite and ask if it's alright to approach 
 the dog.
If you would like to purchace an 'In Trainig GIVE ME SPACE' saddle please see the Chief
 Instructor or purchase one from the Equipment Stall.

Remember polite socialising is done calmly and on a loose lead!



Welcome to our new members and their Puppies / Dogs

Eastern would like to extend our warmest welcome to our new members and their Puppies and Dogs to the Branch. We hope you have a wonderful time down the Branch and that you find us open and inviting to talk to. Everyone is welcome to sit and Chat after class and enjoy the facilities.


The Eastern Branch Evening Puppy Kinder classes are aimed at puppies between the ages of 8 weeks up to 12 weeks and their handlers. The puppy classes will provide your puppy with valuable socialising experiences with dogs of other shapes and sizes, and visits from older dogs. Our instructors will assist you to teach your dog basic obedience and social manners, whilst at the same time provide an opportunity to have fun and build confidence with simple agility equipment.

The puppy classes are run by the qualified instructors of the GSDCV - Eastern Branch and are conducted inside the club house at Mason reserve.

The program runs for 5 consecutive Monday evenings and participants are encouraged to attend each session as they build on the skills learnt at the prior session.

The cost of the program is $60 which is payable prior to th commencement of the first class. The Branch accepts cash or direct deposit.



Check our Heat Policy

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Branch Manager - John Schulz - 0411 670 932
Chief Instructor - Peter Wallbridge - 0417 941 266


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting the Eastern Branch

Please check out the Notices & News page and the Events Calendar to keep up to date with whats happening at your club!